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On set medical evaluation for TV Production - NYC, Miami, NJ, Texas

$225 without insurance.

All our providers are supervised by an MD
We are in: NY, NJ, MIAMI, FL & TEXAS.

Fact: leaa health is the first company in America
to manage COVID in the house
And do home COVID testing; pretty cool, ha:)


Expert Infectious Control Support,
On set medical evaluation for TV Production - NYC, Miami, NJ, Texas
Leaa is the go-to place for many TV productions and networks regarding COVID-19 Services and private on-set medical services for the TV & Film Industry.

As Infection Prevention & Control Experts, we are committed to returning the Film & TV Industry to work.

We provide on-set health and safety services, from injuries and general checkups to more intensive medical services.

We also do simple things like medication refills and prescriptions by text, so you don't have to waste time running to a doctor's office.

Home Medical Services:
Full Cardiac Assessment, IV Drip, Hangover IV, COVID Test, Geriatric Care,
X-Ray/ultrasound, Chest congestion, swollen leg, dehydration IV fluid, Laceration, strep, flu, general physical, injuries, blood work (lab work), allergies, rash, fever, cuts and stitches, diarrhea, earache, medication refills, std test, urinary tract infection (UTI), cold, cough, back pain, antibiotic treatment, headache, sore throat, sprain or strain, vomiting, animal bite, insect bite, back to work, DMV eye test, and more.

60 min locations 
Noho, Hudson Yards, Tribeca, Central Park South, Nolita, Theatre District
Bowery, Soho, Civic Center, Hudson Square/West Soho

From pre-production to post-production, we will guide and support your team. We offer Implementation plans, Expert Infectious Control support and guidance, testing, COVID-19 Compliance Officers, Consulting Services, and PPE Supplies. Leaa provides cost-effective, comprehensive on the, go solutions to ensure that productions operate safely.

Please get in touch with us for our rates and fees.

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"People will buy a custom suit and car, but what about custom medical care? Why settle for medical care off the rack? Your life is more important than any suit or car, don't take a chance on your life; we only have one life to live."

Cardiac Risk Assessment

With so many people dying young and unexpectedly due to irregular cardiac conditions which include sudden cardiac death, heart attacks, and pulmonary embolisms, our team of overseeing Leaa health Physicians highly recommend a Full Cardiac Assessment to mitigate the risks of an abrupt cardiac event.

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Provides the best possible preventive and health promoting services for individuals and executives who are focused on maintaining health and mitigating the impact of existing medical conditions.

The exam is conducted in the comfort of your home, office or hotel.

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We all deserve safe and high-quality medical services 
call leaa today for all your health and wellness needs, all in the comfort of your home.

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Fact: leaa health is the first company in America
to manage COVID in the house
And do home COVID testing; pretty cool, ha:)

Trusted Medical House Call Service in NY, Nj,
Miami, and Houston TX.
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