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Book a home visit and get 40%
off Glutathione IV.

Book a Medical
House Call

$225 Medical House-call Fee

Board Certified Physician Assistants,
Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses
with Physician oversight of all visits.

7+ years providing Concierge Services from
Urgent Care Injuries and Sick Visits
to Wellness IV's and Physicals
All our providers are supervised by an MD
We are in: NYC NJ, MIAMI, FL & TEXAS.

60 min dr visit

Urgent Care

Home Urgent Care
MAB Infusion
Gastroenteritis (Food Poisoning)
Casting & splinting
Influenza care
Respiratory infections

Injuries & Wound Care
Animal Bites - Insect Bites

Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal
Swollen Leg
Joint/Muscle Pain
Sprain or Strain
Skeletal injuries
Sports medicine
and more

Eli Ofel & Isaak Yakubu Founders

This is how LEAA went from a dream to a reality.
The story of leaa began when I (Eli Ofel, the founder) needed to see a doctor, and his friend Isaak Yakubu, the co-founder and CEO, visited me at my home.

As we all know, seeing a doctor is not a joy by any means, and post covid you can add the exposure factor when going to the ER or a doctor's office.

It was an awful experience for me because that's how doctors' appointments are sometimes days away and time-consuming.

We have lived with that fact as the norm, and when you're feeling sick, everything is just more annoying and hard to do after all that.
My friend Isaak, a PA, offered to come and see me at my house when I was sick with walking pneumonia; I was drinking coffee when I was waiting for Issak to give me a home medical visit, but the visit was over before I finished my coffee, and the rest was history.

Our story
how it all started


We all deserve safe and high-quality medical services 
call leaa today for all your health and wellness needs, all in the comfort of your home.

More about leaa
Fact: leaa health is the first company in America
to manage COVID in the house
And do home COVID testing; pretty cool, ha:)

Trusted Medical House Call Service in
NY, Nj, FL, and Houston TX.
Over 80 doctors ready to visit you.

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