New Jersey Doctor home Visits by leaa health

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Book Now  Or  Call: 866 275 7594 

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"COVID -19 Test At Home (the safest way to get tested) by Leaa health right here in NYC and New Jersey you can book online. Results are on the same day or the next day.”

We have limited amount of tests
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New Jersey Doctor
home Visits
by leaa health 

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1200px NewYorkTimes

“ Coronavirus seems like
an inevitability ” 

“ Now, three patients in the city are being
tested for the coronavirus.” 
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Avoid public places, get treated
in the safety of your home.

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Doctor House Calls

Respiratory infection
IV Therapy
Ear infection
Strep throat
Sprains and strains
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Muscle and joint injuries
Flu shots
Depression screening
Diet counseling
Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening
Smoking cessation
Women’s health services
Primary care
Preventive care
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Preventive care

NJ Doctor House Calls
NJ Urgent Care
Urgent Care At Home

Laceration, strep, flu, general physical, injuries, blood work (lab work), allergies, rash, fever, cuts and stitches, diarrhea, ear ache, medication refills, std test urinary tract infection (uti), cold, cough, back pain, antibiotic treatment, headache, sore throat, sprain or strain, vomiting, animal bite, insect bite, dmv eye test, dehydration iv fluid. 
And more... 

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You decide whats right for you, no surprises see pricing Here 
you can learn about the medical services we provide and choose
only the urgent care services that are relevant to you.  

What sets us apart?

NJ urgent care and medical services also cater travelers and visitors to new york city, via hotel visits or office building so no matter where you are we understand that time is precious and we are all about saving time so our medical providers will come to your place of work or stay.

We will send a medical provider that can treat most common medical needs. Users can start enjoying medical services in the comfort of their homes.

If you are looking for a brooklyn urgent care service that is affordable and performed by young proportional providers with a passion for helping people with their health and medical needs, then you came to the right place.

We will send a medical provider to your home, office or hotel that can treat most common medical issues. 

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Book Now  Or Call: 866 275 7594 

Book Now  Or  
Call: 866 275 7594 


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