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STD Test
Home IV Therapy  
Erectile Dysfunction
Urinary tract infections (UTI)
Common Cold and Flu
meningitis vaccine
Stomach Aches
shingles vaccine
tdap vaccine
hpv vaccine
typhoid vaccine
General Physical

IV Therapy

Intreducing The R-Blend
IV THERAPY at home
From $329-$499

Or $249 on
a 3 months package. 

An IV infusion is a controlled administration of medication into your bloodstream over time. The two primary methods of IV infusion use either gravity or a pump to send medicines into your catheter: 

Pediatric care
our medical providers will come to treat your child at home.

Rapid lab tests & screenings
don't go anywhere for lab work we will take the samples at your home.

Work injuries
feeling sick at work or you got injured? no problem we will visit you at your workplace, we will even send the prescription to you. 

Injuries and illnesses
sprained ankles, sore throats, nicked fingers, bad allergies. whatever your injury or illness, leaa’s providers will come to you.

Physical exams
yes even for your physical, if its for work, school, sports and more we can do it at the comfort of your home.

flu shots, vaccines, immunizations and more also in the comfort of your home.

now, this is a big one, but yes we can even do an x-ray or ultrasound in the comfort of your home.

pre-employment physicals
return-to-work physicals
sport physicals
student physicals
annual physical exams

Home Medical Services

Laceration, strep, flu, general physical, injuries, blood work (lab work), allergies, rash, fever, cuts and stitches, diarrhea, ear ache, medication refills, std test urinary tract infection (uti), cold, cough, back pain, antibiotic treatment, headache, sore throat, sprain or strain, vomiting, animal bite, insect bite, dmv eye test, dehydration iv fluid.


cuts, scrapes, wounds & lacerations, sprains, strains, baby nose bleeds, minor fractures & dislocations,broken bones, minor burns, rashes and bug bites, abscess, boils, allergic reactions, corneal abrasions,dehydration requiring iv hydration, illnesses, fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting & stomach flu, congestion & upper respiratory infections, cough, cold & flu, bronchitis, whooping cough, migraines & headaches, bronchitis, wheezing & asthma attacks, ear infections, earaches & foreign body removal, sore throat & strep throat, pink eye, children’s vaccinations, atopic eczema treatment for babies, skin rashes, measles diagnosis, asthma in children, chicken pox treatment.

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