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IV therapy NY 

All our IV blends are exclusive to leaa labs
and are not available through third-party resellers. 
IV Therapy By NYC Licensed Physicians. 

R Blend-$349   

Rejuvenation IV Therapy  
The LEAA R blend is a blend designed by our team of medical providers; this blend has all the essential B-vitamins that most people are deficient in due to faulty diets. We also mixed high doses of Vitamin C into the mixture. Vitamin C is a significant player in the formation of collagen which helps rebuild tissue that is damaged by harmful cells in the body.

It also increases absorption of iron by three times so if you have iron deficiency an IV with our blend is a must! Vitamin C is an immune system booster and will help prevent many common diseases like the cold and flu during the winter and can even help in the prevention and treatment of seasonal allergies. This blend will genuinely rejuvenate you! 

DX Blend - $299
Detoxify your system.

DX Blend
The LEAA DX blend is our only blend that helps detoxify your system from the harmful substances we intake on a daily basis. The DX blend was designed to fight off harmful oxidizing agents found in our bloodstream and work as an antioxidant to remove the free radicals that can lead to harmful inflammatory conditions.

We recommend the DX blend as one of our initial therapies so that you can start off any future infusions on a clean slate!
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M Blend - $399     
Natural Minerals IV Infusion 

Natural Minerals IV Infusion
We call it the M Blend

About our M IV Blend - The majority of people take their bodies for granted, they think it will run smoothly like an old Bently, but if you stop to think about it, the human body performs fantastic feats in each morning routine not to mention sport and other activities, and this is doubly true of professional athletes.

The billions of tiny cells in our bodies require essential nutrients to grow, replenish and work together in perfect harmony. These essential nutrients, those that your body needs but cannot produce, include the inorganic substances found in foods known as minerals.

AI Blend - $299
The LEAA AI blend is a blend designed to help prevent and manage inflammatory conditions.
The blend was created by our team of emergency medicine providers that manage inflammatory conditions on a day to day basis.

Almost all diseases and illnesses are due to inflammation. Some examples of inflammatory conditions include Flu, migraines, fevers, diabetes, cancers, hypertension, colds, bronchitis, and seasonal allergies. We highly recommend this blend for anyone trying to prevent illness and definitely to help treat one too.

This blend had prevented migraines and had helped people avoid catching the flu this past season when the US faced the worst flu epidemic in history.

Moon Face Blend $299 (Most popular)
Glutathione skin lightening blend, minerals and a hydration boos, home iv therapy.

Hangover Blend $299
This blend includes rehydration and medications to treat your hangover and get you back on your feet almost instantly.

C Vitamin Mega Boost $499
LEAA Vitamin C therapy for cancer and inflammatory conditions.

IV Hydration Therapy
NY IV, Home IV Therapy 

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IV push
An IV “push” or “bolus” is a rapid injection of medication. A syringe is inserted into your catheter to send a one-time dose of drug into your bloodstream quickly

Drip infusion

This method uses gravity to deliver a constant amount of medication over a set period. With a drip, the medication and solution drip from a bag through a tube and into your catheter.

New York
IV therapy at home.

IV Therapy NY & IV Hydration Therapy Uses
IV medication is often used because of the control it provides. For instance, in some situations, people must receive drugs very quickly That includes emergencies, such as a heart attack, stroke, or poisoning. In these instances, taking pills or liquids by mouth may not be fast enough to get these drugs into the bloodstream. IV administration, on the other hand, quickly sends a medication directly into the bloodstream.

NY IV clinic near me, hydration clinic near me.
LEAA IV Treatment/Home IV therapy  is more then just near you, its by you, 
Other times, medications may need to be presented slowly but continuously. IV administration can also be a controlled way to deliver drugs over time. 

Certain drugs may be given by IV administration because if you took them orally (by mouth), enzymes in your stomach or liver would break them down. That would prevent the drugs from working well when they’re ultimately sent to your bloodstream. Therefore, these drugs would be much more useful if posted directly into your blood by IV administration.

Pump infusion
In the United States, a pump infusion is the most common method used. The pump is attached to your IV line and sends medication and a solution, such as sterile saline, into your catheter in a slow, steady manner. Pumps may be used when the medication dosage must be precise and controlled.

IV infusion
An IV infusion is a controlled administration of medication into your bloodstream over time. The two primary methods of IV infusion use either gravity or a pump to send medicines into your catheter:

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Book Now  Or Call: 866 275 7594 

Book Now  Or  
Call: 866 275 7594 


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