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LEAA is introducing its membership plans.
Our membership plans are catered to people that don’t want to waste money on health insurance they never use or would want to use but can’t due to their high deductibles and co-pays.
Our plans are straightforward, cost-effective, and are extremely popular among individuals seeking more personalized care for their health.

During your first home visit, we order a complete blood panel and a sonogram to get a baseline of your overall health. All these tests are done in the comfort of your home.

when considering the alternative and all the drawbacks in the emergency rooms and urgent care settings, people would wait hours to be seen, and the visits lasted about 10 minutes, a doctor cannot help someone just by speaking with them for 10 minutes, medicine takes time, and LEAA gives you that time with your providers.

We also skip steps by ordering the proper tests without getting extra tests a health insurance company would require.

For example: If someone has a knee injury the best test is an MRI. However, most insurance companies demand an X-ray first before an MRI can be ordered and almost 90% of them require a CT scan after the X-ray. We go directly and get the MRI, that’s service, and that is one of the many benefits that come with a leaa membership and is a total game changer in health care.

LEAA has an outstanding staff; our medical providers are educators at the top universities in NY so we can assure you, you are in good hands.
Try us once, and you will never go back! 

1. SILVER $229/m 

Recommended for people with health insurance, this plan offers 1 in person home visit and 2 tele-visits every month.
These visits include primary and urgent care visits in the comfort of your home, office or hotel.
Exclusive membership discounts
Discounts on IV services
Discounts on blood work and Imaging tests
24/7 access to medical provider via phone or text.

2. GOLD $449/m 

For people who want an alternative to health insurance.
This plan offers 2 in person home visits and 2 tele-visits every month.
Includes 1 IV per month 25% off IV services
All in house tests are included Blood work is included, Generic medications are included
All members receive blood work and a sonogram when they sign up. Nutritional evaluation included. Eye exams included
24/7 access to medical provider via phone or text

3. VIP $615/M 

This plan is recommended for anyone looking for a full-service membership with an alternative approach to health insurance
This plan offers 2 in person in home visits and 3 tele-visits every month.
All in house visits cover in home X-rays and in-home Sonograms.

All blood work included
Generic medications are included
MRIs and CT scans included
30% off any additional IVs
Nutritional evaluation included
Eye exams included
Full access to our partnering offices with visits included
Discounts on all products
24/7 access to medical provider via phone or text

4. FAMILY $249/M 

Phone consults will just be $20.00 and visits in person will only be $49.00 (regular prices are $49 for a call and $99 for a visit). With this plan your whole family will also get general blood work ordered for them on a yearly basis at no extra cost.

HealthCare in the comfort of home.

One time visit only $99
Video chat $49 

Choose one of
our 4 plans

Once you sign up you will also get a yearly physical and general blood work ordered for you, all within 2 days of signing up.

No Plan Prices

IV Therapy $299
BOTOX $350

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