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Imagine getting medical services
while still at work now stop imagining because it's real.

Health care plans
for coworking offices spaces.

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The specialists we offer currently are:

Infectious Disease

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Our nutritionists will go into your fridge to evaluate your day to day eating habits and find the sweet spot to create a sustainable diet plan that will not only make you lose fat but will promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why Leaa Nutritionists?

1. We come to you and see how you live up close; it is personal and private.
2. The Leaa team is dedicated to helping people improve their lives and are certified, licensed nutritionists.

3. Leaa's nutritionists are in close contact with our medical team and will run blood tests and lab work if necessary, and remove any guesswork found in many places that don't have an MD supervision.

Doctors House Calls

Health Care that comes to you at
home and at work, health care the way it was meant to be.
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M - IV Blend
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All our IV blends are exclusive to leaa labs
and are not available through third-party resellers. 

Leaa health
care plans. 

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health plan 

We travel to you

IV Drip

Hotel visits

Vaccination at home

NY Licenced doctors and PA,s

All lab work 

Medication refills By phone

NYC health care
at home 

Results are given during the visit and paperwork is filled out in front of the patient.
Start enjoying medical services and healthcare in the comfort of your home right here
in New York, including travelers and visitors to new york city, via hotel visits or office building. 

IV therapy, Laceration, Strep, Flu, General physical, Injuries, Blood work (lab work)
Allergies, Fever, Cuts and stitches, Dehydration, Diarrhea, Earache, Std test
Urinary tract infection (UTI), Cold, cough , Back pain, Headache, Sore throat
IV Therapy, Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary tract infections (UTI), Conjunctivitis, 
Meningitis Vaccine Stomach Aches, Shingles vaccine,General Physical and much more.


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