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Beyond the obvious reasons of comfort, time-saving and cost here is another big reason, thousands of New Yorkers are switching to Leaa Home Urgent Care that could be the difference between life and death.

Read this article by the TIME; you will be amazed. 

The Scary Reason Healthy
People Die After an ER Visit

By MANDY OAKLANDER February 1, 2017

About one in every five Americans goes to the emergency room each year. And which one they end up at may have life or death consequences, suggests a new study published in The BMJ.

Read full article in the TIME website 


Here’s how it works 

Results are given during the visit and paperwork is filled out in front of the patient.

Start enjoying medical services and healthcare in the comfort of your home right here in New York.

Urgent Care NYC
Many people are searching for an urgent care near me, but many don't know yet is that Leaa’s medical care is not near you it's in your home, and also caters travelers and visitors to new york city, via hotel visits or office building.

No matter where you are we understand that time is precious and we are all about saving time.

LEAA began from personal experience that changes the way we see medical service delivered.

Starting from the patients perspective and the ending in with the delivery of medical services by the Provider/Doctor/PA.

Just like ordering pizza is an enjoyable experience, ordering a medical provider should be the same, especially today when we live in a fast pace environment.

Having a medical provider come to your home removes the lack of personal medical attention that we are so used to in a medical office.

Urgent Care Services

IV therapy 
General physical
Blood work (lab work)
Cuts and stitches
Medication refills
Std test
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Cold, cough
Back pain
Antibiotic treatment
Sore throat
Sprain or strain
Animal bites
Insect bites
DMV eye test

NYC Urgent Care 

As low as
 per Employee
per month

Save Up To 60% Of Employee
HealthCare With Leaa’s
HealthCare for Business 

Never wait for
a doctor again "

Join the thousands that are now enjoying health care at home.

Try it once, and you will never go back. 


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