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Book Now  Or  
Call: 866 275 7594 

Book Now  Or  Call: 866 275 7594 

health care wherever you are, 
leaa is now in NYC, NJ & Miami.

NYC Board-Certified Physicians & MD's

Only $99 Per Visit

Doctor house calls where ever you
are, thats leaa health.

Hangover IV at home

Its Your Life, It Should Be On Your Time.

energy boost  
IV Drip at home

its a Life Style

With leaa you get not just health care
you get a Life Style.

About leaa


Do You Like

Waiting In Line?
Sitting With Sick People?
Paying More?
Taking Forever To See A Doctor?
Health Plans That Make No Sence
No Right, No One Does.

Would You Like

Flexible Health Plans
Prescription By Phone
Online Medical Advice
Doctors That Come To You
Same Day Visit
Talk To Licensed Physicians In 5 Min
Medication Refills By Text
Evaluation In 5 Min
Medication Delivery To Your Door
X-Ray at home
Sonogram at home
and more..

IV therapy 

All our IV blends are exclusive to leaa labs
and are not available through third-party resellers.
IV Therapy By NYC Licensed Physicians. 

how we Celebrate life? 

By giving you back time, time to do what you love to do
and not to waste it sitting around in doctors offices 

Never leave your home
to see a doctor again.

Same day appointments even for none members
no insurance is needed

More affordable than conventional health insurance
but with the leaa lifestyle.

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We Do

X-Ray at home 
Sonogram at home
Blood work
Depression screening
Diet counseling
Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening
Smoking cessation
Women’s health services
Primary care
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Preventative care

Real time reviews

Daily reviews from real people. 

"Tried LEAA Health Care tonight and the service was absolutely amazing. Called their number, a Doctor showed up 60 min later at our apartment with all the right equipment, very thorough exam, called the pharmacy to deliver the prescription.
All without leaving our living room. Great job guys!"

Live Google reviews

We Also Do

Respiratory infection
IV Therapy
Ear infection
Strep throat
Sprains and strains
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Muscle and joint injuries
Flu shots
and more

Book Now  Or Call: 866 275 7594 

Book Now  Or  
Call: 866 275 7594 


P#:866 275 7594
Sun - Fri
7:00am -11:00pm



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195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, United States

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