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Home X-Ray

LEAA now offers in-home X-rays, imagine this: your loved one trips over something and falls directly on their hand. The hand swells up, there is a lot of pain, and everyone is worried that this person now has a fracture. What are your options?

1. Get into a car and drive to urgent care where the person is in agony because the bumps on the road are moving the injured hand and possibly worsening the break.

2. Call an ambulance and wait for them to arrive only to take the person into an emergency room and remain close to 5 hours for an x-ray and only then get the proper treatment required for the diagnosis.

3. Please don't do anything, wrap it and wait a few days only to then look for options to get help because it's looking worse (this is the most common thing done on average).

Home X-ray

Until now, those were the only options available, LEAA is changing that. LEAA sends an X-ray and an X-ray technician to your door the same day! The technician comes to your home and takes the proper images that are needed to diagnose the issue. The photos are then sent to a board-certified and licensed radiologist that reads it, and the results are sent almost immediately. LEAA then sends a licensed physician assistant or nurse practitioner to your home to review the findings and treat the problem. All of this occurs instantly without the long waiting in an office or ER.

We are capable of performing X-rays on all body parts just like a radiology office without having you leave your home.
Our service is offered the same day within 2-4 hours of ordering.

Why is it better to have an X-ray done at home?
X-rays are most commonly performed to rule out pneumonia and broken bones. When a person has pneumonia, usually, they are short of breath and weak due to fevers and feeling sick. When a person is taken out of their bed to go into a facility while feeling ill with pneumonia, you are increasing their risk of developing other illnesses due to an already weakened immune system from the infection the body is currently fighting. Using LEAA, we perform the X-ray in the comfort of your home and send a medical provider to treat it as well. Our team members can administer IV antibiotics all in your home.

The safest place to have testing done is at a persons' home; at home, you are not exposed to harmful illnesses such as MRSA, COVID-19, and influenza, to name a few. Most people go to a facility to get a test or procedure done, and when they get home, they come back with all sorts of new illnesses they should have never gotten. With LEAA, we bring our clean equipment to your home and have you tested without exposing you to harmful diseases.

Lastly, time is valuable and priceless. People spend way too much time waiting at a doctor's office or waiting room to get themselves the tests they need. LEAA comes to you and allows you to spend your valuable time with the people who deserve that time, your family!

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