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7+ years providing Concierge Services from Urgent Care Injuries and Sick Visits to Wellness IV's and Physicals
All our providers are supervised by an MD
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Antibiotic IV Therapy
Antibiotic therapy at home
Antibiotic Prescriptions
At-home medical care
Blood draw at home
Blood test at home
Blood work at home
Concierge healthcare
Concierge Medical Services
Concierge medicine
Ear infection treatment at home
Elderly Medical House calls
Elderly Sick Visits
Fever management at home
Gastrointestinal illness treatment at home
Headache treatment at home
Home infusion therapy
Home IV therapy
Home strep throat treatment
Home UTI treatment
Home wound care
In-home medical services
In-home urgent care
IV at home
Lab tests at home
Medical Care at home

Medical care for tourists
Medical care for travelers
Medical Housecalls
Migraine Treatment at Home
Mobile EKG
Mobile healthcare
Mobile IV services
Mobile Sonogram
Mobile urgent care
Mobile Xray
On-demand healthcare
Pediatric care at home
Physical exams at home
Prescription Refill
Private medical care
Remote medical services
Respiratory illness treatment at home
Same day medical house call
Sick House call
Sick visits for tourists
Sonogram at home
Sore throat
Specialist referrals
Stitches/ Wound repair at home
Stomach virus Treatment
STAT Housecalls
STAT Medical Housecalls
Travel healthcare
Urgent care at home
Urinary Tract Infection
Urine screen
Vaccinations for adults and children
Vaccine at home
Virus Testing at home
Virus Treatment at home
Vomiting Treatment at home
Xray at home

The Benefits of Wound Care at Home:

Promoting Healing and Convenience
Wound care plays a crucial role in the healing process. While seeking medical attention is essential for severe injuries, many wounds can be effectively managed at home. Home-based wound care has gained popularity in recent years, offering numerous patient benefits. This article explores the advantages of home wound care, highlighting its ability to promote healing, improve patient comfort, and provide convenience.

1. Enhanced Healing Process
One of the primary benefits of wound care at home is its potential to promote a faster and more efficient healing process. When wounds are treated in a familiar and comfortable environment, patients experience reduced stress levels, which positively impact their immune system and overall well-being. Moreover, home settings allow patients to follow their daily routines, ensuring proper rest, nutrition, and hydration—all essential elements for optimal wound healing.

Furthermore, home-based wound care allows for personalized attention and continuous monitoring. Family members or caregivers can closely observe the wound's progress, ensuring that any changes or complications are promptly addressed. This close monitoring also enables early detection of potential infections or other issues, leading to timely medical intervention if necessary.

2. Increased Patient Comfort
Wound care at home offers patients a significant advantage in terms of comfort. Hospitals and clinics can be intimidating environments, and some individuals may experience heightened anxiety or stress during visits. By receiving wound care at home, patients can avoid these triggers and feel more relaxed, allowing them to focus on recovery.

Additionally, home-based wound care allows patients to maintain their privacy and dignity. They can receive treatment in familiar surroundings, ensuring control over their healing process. This personalized approach fosters a positive mindset, which has been shown to benefit the body's ability to heal.

3. Cost-Effectiveness
Another notable advantage of wound care at home is its cost-effectiveness. Hospital visits, especially for minor wounds, can be expensive and involve various fees. By opting for home-based care, patients can significantly reduce medical expenses. Moreover, the need for transportation, parking, and other associated costs can be eliminated, further reducing the financial burden.

4. Convenience and Accessibility
Wound care at home provides unparalleled convenience and accessibility for patients. Hospital visits often require scheduling appointments, waiting times, and disruptions to daily routines. With home-based care, patients can choose suitable times for dressing changes, minimizing inconvenience and allowing them to continue their regular activities.

Furthermore, home-based wound care eliminates the need for travel, particularly for individuals with limited mobility or those living in remote areas. This accessibility ensures that wound care is not compromised due to geographical limitations, enabling patients to receive timely and consistent treatment.

Wound care at home offers many benefits, from enhanced healing and increased patient comfort to cost-effectiveness and convenience. By providing a familiar and supportive environment, home-based care promotes patients' overall well-being and encourages a positive healing mindset. It also allows for personalized attention, continuous monitoring, and early detection of complications, ensuring timely medical intervention if needed. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of home-based wound care make it a practical choice for many individuals. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, recognizing the advantages of wound care at home can contribute to improved patient outcomes and a more patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery.

Urgent Care

Home Urgent Care
Gastroenteritis (Food Poisoning)
Casting & splinting
Influenza care
Respiratory infections

Injuries & Wound Care
Animal Bites - Insect Bites

Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal
Swollen Leg
Joint/Muscle Pain
Sprain or Strain
Skeletal injuries
Sports medicine

IV Services

Acne IV Treatment
Anti-biotic IV
Hangover IV
Vitamin C IV
Dehydration IV
Energy Boost IV
Hangover IV
Super Immune Boost IV
Glutathione IV
Rejuvenation IV

Adult Primary Care
Home Urgent Care
Full Cardiac Assessment,
IV Drip
Geriatric Care
Chest congestion
Swollen leg,
Crohn's Disease

General physical
Blood work (lab work)
Ear Wax Removal
Imaging Referrals
Joint/Muscle Pain
Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
Prescription Refills
Skin Infections
Sore Throat
STD Testing

Emergency services

Infectious Diseases
Strep Throat
STD Testing
UTIs, Yeast Infections, & Bacterial Vaginosis

Crohn's Disease
Abdominal Pain

Skin Infections

Taurine IV
NAD Drip and NAD+ Injections
Mineral IV
Iron IV
Customized Blend IVs
IV Therapy
Additional Add-Ons
B12 Injections
Vitamin D Injections
Medications (Benadryl,
Dexamethasone, Toradol, Zofran)

Senior Health
IV medications
Wellness IV
Complex symptom management
In Home Palliative Care
Medical Diagnosis
Upper Respiratory Infections
Diabetes Screening & Management

Heartburn & Reflux
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Nutritional & Vitamin Deficiencies
Skin Rashes
Thyroid Conditions
Vaccines & Immunizations
Workplace Physical Exams
Adult Preventive Screenings

Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever
Annual Wellness Exam Back Pain Common & Seasonal 

Vaccines Plus
Flu Shots
Hepatitis B
HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
Pneumonia (Pneumovax)
Shingles Vaccine (Herpes Zoster Vaccine)

Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)
Medication refills
Back pain
Antibiotic treatment
Sprain or strain
Animal bite
Insect bite
Abdominal Pain
Bug Bites
Urinary Tract Infections
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Home Medical Services:
Full Cardiac Assessment, IV Drip, Hangover IV, COVID Test, X-Ray/ultrasound, Chest congestion, swollen leg, dehydration IV fluid, Laceration, strep, flu, general physical, injuries, blood work (lab work), allergies, rash, fever, cuts and stitches, diarrhea, earache, medication refills, std test, urinary tract infection (UTI), cold, cough, back pain, antibiotic treatment, headache, sore throat, sprain or strain, vomiting, animal bite, insect bite, back to work, DMV eye test, and more

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