Miami COVID-19 PCR Test For Travel, Miami Doctor Home Visits

Florida home doctors
Urgent Care in the comfort of home.

$150 per medical house visit
by a medical provider PA, NP, RN.
all our medical providers are supervised by licensed physicians.

This is what thousands of happy customers are saying 
"this is how health care should have been from day one”.
No Insurance Is Needed.

Leaa health is in Miami now
Miami Medical House Calls 

Health care they way it was ment to be.
X-Ray At home, Sonogram At Home, EKG At Home,
PCR Test At Home, IV Drip at home, physical checkup and more
Same day medical
house calls 

Only $150 per visit

Miami Same Day RT-PCR covid 19 test at home
Results for travel 4hr, 12hr, and 72hr

Miami home test results  starting 
4 hours Guaranteed

flexible pricing options for
covid-19 test at home

Guaranteed results within 24 hours
with insurance (all insurances accepted)

covid-19 test guaranteed results
within 24 hours
(without insurance)

same day covid-19 test guaranteed results
within 12 hours or less 

Fact: leaa health is the first company in America
to manage COVID in the house 
and do home COVID testing, pretty cool, ha:)

A message and a reminder
from the leaa Team
Length 1:30 min

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A) Get tested at home. 
B) Get medical Doctor visits at home
and keep each other safe.

Miami Doctor Home Visits
Health care they way it was ment to be.
X-Ray At home, Sonogram At Home, EKG At Home, physical checkup,
PCR COVID-19 test and Antibody test, Laceration, strep, flu, general
physical, injuries, blood test at home (lab work), allergies, UTI and more.

This Is What Thousands Of Happy
Customers Are Saying
"This Is How Health Care
Should Have Been From Day One”.
No Insurance Is Needed.

Miami Urgent Care for residents and travelers, we come to your hotel,
offices, and home no matter where you are We come to you.

We send a medical Provider That Can Treat Most common Medical Needs.
Enjoying Medical Services In The comfort home is here.
Respiratory Infection
IV Therapy
Ear Infection
Strep Throat
Sprains And Strains
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Muscle And Joint Injuries
Flu Shots
Depression Screening
Diet Counseling
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Screening
Smoking Cessation
Women’s Health Services
Primary Care
Preventive Care
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Preventive Care


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