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Gonioscopy - a mirrored device to measure the edge of where the cornea reaches the iris. How open or closed the side is can be an indication of how severe glaucoma might be.

Visual Field - Also known as perimetry, beginning at a light center vision. At the same time, other views are shined into his or her peripheral vision. This test measures peripheral vision and can be used to detect the onset of open-angle glaucoma.

Nerve Fiber Analysis - relatively a new test that measures the thickness of the nerve fiber.
Pachymetry - Measure the thickness of the cornea, to know the amount of pressure in the eye.
Dilation - examines the back of the eye, where blood vessels are found, with the retina and optic nerve.
Cover test - Eyes are alternately coated focusing on a further object.

Slit-lamp test- Examination is taken with a biomicroscope that enables the eye doctor to see the eyelids cornea, iris, conjunctiva, and other internal structures up close. Color vision testing - color test entails looking at colored numbers that are formed out of dots against a background of a different color.

Glaucoma - an elevated pressure in the eye that leads to vision loss.
Tonometry - The test measures the eye pressure and is used to test for glaucoma, requires a painless blow of air aimed at the eye. Ophthalmoscopy - Measures the inner eye by dilating the pupils once the eyes are dilated, the eye doctor uses a magnifying lens to assess the color, shape, and health of the optic nerve.

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