NYC MAB Infusion Treament In The Comfort Of Your Home

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NYC MAB Infusion Treament In The Comfort Of Your Home

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At Home MAB Infusion Treament
COVID-19 Monoclonal Treatment Antibody infusion, also known as MAB infusion.
To treat variant omicron EX - B.1.1.529, BA.1, BA.1.1, BA.2, BA.3, BA.4 and BA.5.

LEAA is now offering MAB infusion in the comfort of your home, Getting our proprietary IV COVID cocktail with vitamins after the infusion can help the patient recover faster and feel better when infected with COVID-19.

Monoclonal antibody therapy for preventive use for those at risk due to a confirmed exposure to the virus. The FDA stressed that the therapy is not a substitute for vaccination, however.
Dr. Huang is here to answer the common questions you may have about monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID-19.

How does monoclonal antibody therapy work?
Monoclonal antibody infusion treatment is a way of treating COVID-19. The goal of this therapy is to help prevent hospitalizations, reduce viral loads and lessen symptom severity.
This type of therapy relies on monoclonal antibodies. These are antibodies that are similar to the ones your body would naturally make in response to infection. However, monoclonal antibodies are mass-produced in a laboratory and are designed to recognize a specific component of this virus — the spike protein on its outer shell.

leaa stem

Stem cell IV therapy is an increasingly popular stem cell treatment option. It involves the intravenous delivery of stem cells directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to travel throughout the body and target areas of need. Stem cells are known for their regenerative and healing properties, making them a powerful tool for treating many different conditions.

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