Omicron EX BA.2 - BA.3,4,5 Bebtelovimab Infusion At Home
Omicron XE
MAB - Bebtelovimab infusion
Omicron EX BA.2-BA.5 Bebtelovimab Infusion

"Bebtelovimab, made by Lilly, is effective against the latest variant omicron EX, for your home, TV productions, schools, parties, office meetings, staff, and more.
Bebtelovimab is a new drug that has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death in patients with mild-to-moderate COVID 19. Unlike other monoclonal antibodies, this one works by binding instead on spike protein which helps it bind better against all variants, including those not yet detected by authorities like omicron subvariant (BA2).

It's worth noting how laboratory testing showed activity against both XE variants and its more advanced synthetic form known simply enough.

The FDA carefully monitors circulating viral variants alongside their sensitivity towards authorized medicines such as Bebidel vimsa, which retains activity even outside Omega Type RIIVs(ω)

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Beidelovimab is a drug that binds to the spike protein of the COVID-19 virus and reduces the risk of hospitalization or death. The FDA carefully monitors circulating viral variants to authorize monoclonal antibodies like Bebteleivi'mab, which have been shown in clinical trials as effective against high-risk patients with mild/moderate cases of Covid 19 infection, retaining activity even when exposed to Omicron variant EX.

LEAA health can now deliver to you the Beidelovimab treatment in the comfort of your home.
by availability, limited supply.  

Omicron EX BA.2-BA.5 Bebtelovimab Infusion

For Home, Groups, Concierge Service For 
TV Productions, Schools, Parties, Office Meetings, Staff, and more.

*There is a wating list for the Sotrovimab Infusion. 

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