Rapid PCR COVID 19 Testing for TV + Film Production - On Set PCR Covid Tests NYC, Miami, NJ
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Fact: leaa health is the first company in America
to manage COVID in the house 
and do home COVID testing, pretty cool, ha:)
A message and a reminder
from the leaa Team
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A) Get tested at home. 
B) Get medical Doctor visits at home
and keep each other safe.

Rapid PCR COVID 19 Testing for TV + Film Production
On Set PCR Covid Tests NYC, Miami, NJ

Leaa is the go-to place for many TV and film production companies in NYC when it comes to COVID-19 Services and private on set medical services for the TV & Film Industry.

The process of getting the Film & TV Industry back to work is slow and not very organized at this point; leaa health is making it easier and fast to get all your crew to be tested on set or at home, with a result turnaround of 12 hours.

Recently we were privileged to provide Rapid PCR COVID 19 Testing to one of the world's leading producers of premium entertainment content that connects billions of people in nearly every country in the world, known as Viacom CBS.
We hope to continue to keep our entertainment industry safe and in good health; a good movie is just what the doctor ordered to lift our spirit:).

We provide on set health and medical services from injuries and general checkups to more intensive medical services.
We also do simple things like medication refills and prescriptions by text, so you don't have to waste time running to a doctor's office, not to mention getting exposed to potential COVID 19 carriers.

From pre-production to post-production, we will guide and support your team. We offer Implementation plans, Expert Infectious Control support and guidance, testing, COVID-19 Compliance Officers, Consulting Services, and PPE Supplies. Leaa provides cost-effective, comprehensive on the go solutions to ensure that productions operate safely.

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