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OPTOMETRIST at the comfort of your own home LEAA'S “In-home” optometry providers are some of the best in NYS, and although we are based in New York City, we are planning to go nationwide shortly.

Our in-home eye exam service is one of the most affordable in New York City. Our In-Home Optometrist uses cutting-edge equipment to manage the entire range of eye conditions.

With LEAA you get a full selection of brand named frames and lens options. Our providers provide in-home eye treatments to remove “Blepharitis” treating dry eye pink eye and more...

We also DMV vision test is one of LEAA'S more successful home test like most of our services it saves our users valuable time and aggravation, never before you could do this test in the comfort of your home.

Our goal is to change the face of the medical scene and create a lifestyle medical brand that will strike a chord with everyone.

We will send our trained medical professionals to your home and fill out your DMV paperwork so that you can renew your license. We will do your eye exam in the comfort of your home, no need to go to the DMV and wait long lines. 

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