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Urgent Care

Home Urgent Care
Gastroenteritis (Food Poisoning)
Casting & splinting
Influenza care
Respiratory infections

Injuries & Wound Care
Animal Bites - Insect Bites

Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal
Swollen Leg
Joint/Muscle Pain
Sprain or Strain
Skeletal injuries
Sports medicine

NYC IV Therapy, Home IV Drips By leaa

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All our providers are supervised by an MD
We are in: NYC NJ, MIAMI, FL & TEXAS.


Introducing our new mobile EKG machine

LEAA is always upgrading its medical devices with the latest technology in healthcare. We are introducing our new mobile EKG machine, which is palm-sized, and allows us to perform an electrocardiogram within 5 minutes without all the wires and leads a regular hospital or urgent care uses. 

The machine performs hospital-grade, FDA approved electrocardiograms, and the results are read by emergency medicine trained PA and MD. The electronic results can also be emailed to your cardiologist or primary care provider for further review.
Our service is offered the same day within 1-2 hours of ordering.

Why is it better to have an EKG done at home?
First, an EKG done at home allows you to be in a calm and private environment. It enables us to perform an EKG without artifact that can occur due to anxiety and waiting long lines at an office or emergency room. Usually, when patients are waiting, they start to get anxious, which leads to a rapid heartbeat, which can show up as an abnormal finding on an EKG. When a person is at home, there is no waiting, you can get errands done, and when our LEAA provider arrives, they can perform the EKG in the comfort of your living room.

Second, the safest place to have testing done is at home; at home, you are not exposed to harmful illnesses such as MRSA, COVID-19, and influenza, to name a few. Most people go to a facility to get a test or procedure done, and when they get home, they come back with all sorts of new illnesses they should have never gotten. With LEAA, we bring our clean equipment to your home and have you tested without exposing you to harmful diseases.

Lastly, time is valuable and priceless. People spend way too much time waiting at a doctor’s office or waiting room to get themselves the tests they need. LEAA comes to you and allows you to spend your valuable time with the people who deserve that time, your family! 

This popular IV infusion delivers fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, and other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream to provide relief for a multitude of common ailments associated with the accumulative effects of dehydration, including hangovers.

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Fort Greene Brooklyn 
South Slope Brooklyn 
Dumbo Brooklyn 
Park Slope Brooklyn 
Red hook Brooklyn 
Columbia Waterfront District Brooklyn 
Manhattan Beach Brooklyn 
Prospect Heights Brooklyn 
Greenpoint Brooklyn 
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Williamsburg Brooklyn 
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Central Park South Manhattan 
Nolita Manhattan 
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Flatiron Manhattan

Upper West Side Manhattan
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West Chelsea Manhattan$
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Todt Hill

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