PCR Covid Test For Travel Houston Texas, Same Doctor House Calls
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Fact: leaa health is the first company in America
to manage COVID in the house 
and do home COVID testing, pretty cool, ha:)
A message and a reminder
from the leaa Team
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A) Get tested at home. 
B) Get medical Doctor visits at home
and keep each other safe.

Welcome to LEAA health in houston texas
Houston PCR Covid Test For Travel 

Health Care That Matters, Same Day Doctor House Calls Houston TX
more than 80 doctors are ready to visit you.

A home doctor visit is the safest way to get
medical care for members of the household.

Its also more comfortable and saves time and aggravation
Welcome to leaa health, the future of health care.

Flexible Pricing Options For
Covid-19 Test At Home 

Guaranteed Results Within 24 Hours
with insurance (all insurances accepted)

Covid-19 test guaranteed results
within 24 hours
(without insurance)

Same day Covid-19 test guaranteed results
within 12 hours or less

Covid-19 Respiratory Panel
Results Within 2-4 Hours Guaranteed

COVID-19 PCR Test At Home

Made In USA and FDA Approved

Our Test Is Now Covered By Insurance.
Home Doctor visit Prices

866 275 7594
Only $150 per visit without a plan
with our VIP Plan you get FREE doctor visits
Same Day Doctor House Calls In Houston

Medical House Visit Price list:
Regular visit - $150
Rapid bedside test - $50
(Strep, Flu, & Urinalysis)

Bedside injection - $50
(Toradol, Zofran, Dexamethasone, Benadryl)

IV fluids with saline - $350
Rapid Covid antigen test - $350
Xray, sonogram and EKG at home -$300-$500

This Test Tests For 15 Respiratory
Pathogens, Including
SARS Cov-2, And Is Accepted
By All Airlines.

Price for house call visit $150
not included

We come to you, your safty and
the safty of your family comes first

PCR Covid Test For Travel Houston Texas,
Same Doctor House Calls

more about leaa

Trusted Medical House Call Service in NYC, Nj, Miami and Houston TX; with over 2000 new customers each month and over 80 doctors ready to visit you; we are the largest home medical service provider in NYC.

We also do antibody tests, COVID-19 tests, EKG, X-Ray, SONOGRAM, blood work, IV and more all in the comfirt and safty of your home.

leaa health home visits is for everyone  not just celebrities 

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866 275 7594
Email: support@Leaa.io
Sun - Fri
7:00am -11:00pm



IV Drip

Hangover IV
Skin Whitening IV 
IV Therapy  
Vitamin C IV
R Blend
M Blend



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