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NYC Early Cancer Detection
Blood Test At Home

Through a simple blood draw, giving you the power of early detection to proactively protect your health, and much of the time, can detect cancer before a showing symptoms. Early cancer diagnosis focuses on detecting symptomatic patients as early as possible to have the best chance for successful treatment.

When cancer care is delayed or inaccessible, there is a lower chance of survival, more significant problems associated with treatment, and higher care costs. Therefore, early diagnosis improves cancer outcomes by providing care at the earliest possible stage and is an important public health strategy in all settings.

"There is a lot to live for"


These tests help prevent the disease by finding abnormal cells and treat before
they become cancer. Generally, recommendation testing begins at age 21 and ends at age 65
(for women who have had adequate prior screening and are not otherwise at high risk for cervical cancer).

A breakthrough innovation
for early cancer detection

The test uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) and machine-learning
algorithms to analyze methylation patterns of cell-free DNA (cfDNA)
in the bloodstream.

All cells — cancer and non-cancer — shed DNA into the bloodstream.
cfDNA can carry cancer-specific information in its methylation patterns.
DNA methylation is a process used by cells to regulate gene expression.

Same day response

When a cancer signal is detected,
the test identifies the signal's origin with high accuracy to help
guide the following steps to diagnosis.
Test results should be available to the ordering healthcare provider
within ten business days from when the sample arrives at the lab.

Book a home Blood test for early cancer detection, 
This test is not covered by insurance. 
The test is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk for cancer.

In the event that a diagnostic evaluation after a ​"Cancer Signal Detected"
result with the test does not confirm cancer, patients may be eligible
for a complimentary retest.

The request for a retest must be placed by the leaa's healthcare provider
managing the patient's diagnostic evaluation.
The retest must be administered within 3 – 6 months after the initial test.
To initiate a request for a retest, contact leaa.

The test can be included in leaa's home doctor
visit with our healthcare provider through a simple blood draw.



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