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What thousands of happy customers are saying?
"this is how health care should have been from day one”.
No Insurance Is Needed.

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STD Test
Home IV Therapy  
Erectile Dysfunction
Urinary tract infections (UTI)
Common Cold and Flu
meningitis vaccine
Stomach Aches
shingles vaccine
tdap vaccine
hpv vaccine
typhoid vaccine
General Physical

Do you like:

Waiting In Line?
Sitting With Sick People?
Paying More?
taking forever to see a doctor?
no right? no one does.

Would you like:

Prescription by phone
online medical advice
doctors that come to you
same day visit
talk to Licensed Physicians in 5 min
Medication Refills by Text
Evaluation In 5 Min
Medication Delivery To Your Door.

Then See Our Plans

miami IV Therapy

Introducing The R-Blend
IV THERAPY at home
From $329-$499

Or $249 on
a 3 months package. 

Leaa health is now in Miami, and Miami residents can now enjoy what many new yorkers are taking for grunted for the past two years.

Now you can have a doctor visit in Miami for only $99 no insurance needed and if you join one of leaa's health plans you get doctor home visits for free.
learn more about our health plans.

"The traditional way of dispensing health care is longitudinal and fragmented, with lots of days between value-producing office visits, says Douglas L. Wood, MD, cardiologist and medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation. What we need instead is a system that provides answers to questions immediately, making it easier for patients to make more informed choices so they can go about their lives with less disruption and anxiety. Wood believes this is the system of the future."

By Miami Licensed Physicians. 

Medical services we provide.

Laceration, strep, flu, general physical, injuries, blood work (lab work), allergies, rash, fever, cuts and stitches, diarrhea, ear ache, medication refills, std test urinary tract infection (uti), cold, cough, back pain, antibiotic treatment, headache, sore throat, sprain or strain, vomiting, animal bite, insect bite, dmv eye test, dehydration iv fluid. 
And more... 

Transparent pricing table.

You decide whats right for you, no surprises see pricing Here 
you can learn about the medical services we provide and
choose only the urgent care services that are relevant to you.  

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