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How To Get
Over A Hangover 

All our IV blends are exclusive to leaa labs
and are not available through third-party resellers. 
IV Therapy By NYC Licensed Physicians. 

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you will never go back to standing in line in a doctors office.

DX Blend - $299  

Our DX blend hangover iv cure 
Detoxify your system in
The Comfort Of Your Home

DX Blend
Is a hangover cure but thats not all the LEAA DX blend is our only blend that helps detoxify your system from the harmful substances we intake on a daily basis. The DX blend was designed to fight off harmful oxidizing agents found in our bloodstream and work as an antioxidant to remove the free radicals that can lead to harmful inflammatory conditions.

This blend includes rehydration and medications to treat
your hangover
and get you back on your feet almost instantly.

We recommend the DX blend as one of our initial therapies so
that you can start off any future infusions on a clean slate!
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IV therapy at home.

IV Therapy NY & IV Hydration Therapy Uses
IV medication is often used because of the control it provides. For instance, in some situations, people must receive drugs very quickly That includes emergencies, such as a heart attack, stroke, or poisoning. In these instances, taking pills or liquids by mouth may not be fast enough to get these drugs into the bloodstream. IV administration, on the other hand, quickly sends a medication directly into the bloodstream.

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LEAA IV Treatment/Home IV therapy  is more then just near you, its by you, 
Other times, medications may need to be presented slowly but continuously. IV administration can also be a controlled way to deliver drugs over time. 

Certain drugs may be given by IV administration because if you took them orally (by mouth), enzymes in your stomach or liver would break them down. That would prevent the drugs from working well when they’re ultimately sent to your bloodstream. Therefore, these drugs would be much more useful if posted directly into your blood by IV administration.

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