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Earn $65-$85 per visit 

Welcome to leaa’s provider's page if you are a pa, np, MD, nutritionist or optometrist, then keep reading.this is one of the top physician jobs you can find, here are some of the services we will provide on top of the primary health exam and physical.

The future of medicine is shifting to house calls.

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Join the leaa app community and make $65-$80 per visit. Providers that receive an average review of 4 stars will earn a bonus of 10% of every 20 trips the provider will complete.

The old way of making a doctor appointment and waiting in long lines will be a thing of the past. With leaa, we are changing the way we use medical providers. leaa is not just about medical services and making healthcare better. We are about taking care of the patient as a whole.

We are a lifestyle brand for adults, children, seniors, and even pets! Not only do we take care of your medical needs but we help you improve your life by building out a nutrition plan for you.

We understand that more than 60% of all chronic diseases are linked to poor diet habits, and our goal is to change that. We are introducing leaa to you with your family in mind so that you can get the services you need for an extremely affordable price!

Best from the LEAA team. 

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