NYC Best IV Blends BY Leaa

Best IV blends BY Leaa
Home IV infusion

The majority of people take their bodies for granted, they think it will run smoothly like an old Bently, but if you stop to think about it, the human body performs fantastic feats in each morning routine not to mention sport and other activities, and this is doubly true of professional athletes.

The billions of tiny cells in our bodies require essential nutrients to grow, replenish and work together in perfect harmony. These essential nutrients, those that your body needs but cannot produce, include the inorganic substances found in foods known as minerals.

NM IV Blend- $399

DX Blend - $349 

The LEAA DX blend is our only blend that helps detoxify your system from the harmful substances we intake on a daily basis.
The DX blend was designed to fight off harmful oxidizing agents found in our bloodstream and work as an antioxidant to remove the free radicals that can lead to harmful inflammatory conditions.

We recommend the DX blend as one of our initial therapies so that you can start off any future infusions on a clean slate!
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NYC Best IV Blends 

Moon Face IV Blend $299 (Most popular)
Glutathione skin lightening blend, minerals and a hydration boos, home iv therapy.

Hangover IV Blend $299
This blend includes rehydration and medications to treat your hangover and get you back on your feet almost instantly.

C Vitamin Mega Boost Blend $499
LEAA Vitamin C therapy for cancer and inflammatory conditions.

NY Minerals IV Infusions Therapy At Home
An IV infusion is a controlled administration of medication into your bloodstream over time. The two primary methods of IV infusion use either gravity or a pump to send medicines into your catheter:

Minerals IV therapy
IV Vitamins
Vitamin infusion IV
Hydration IV
Vitamin C IV
B12 IV
Hangover IV
Glutathione IV ( skin lightning )
Skin lightening IV

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